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Keeping our homes clean and our bodies healthy is important to most of us. Over the past few years, we've collectively been learning more about the chemicals used on and in our foods, from pesticides and fertilizers to growth hormones in meat. With that knowledge we're able to make educated choices about the food we eat to reduce our exposure to proven toxic chemicals, and chemicals with many questions surrounding them.


The chemicals in our soaps, shampoos, and other bath and body products should merit the same consideration as those in our food, but it's difficult to keep on top of the ever-changing flow of information involving these chemicals. Did you know that many of the "soaps" on the market aren't even soaps, but rather detergents? We've compiled information on a few of those chemicals to help you understand what these products are, and to help you better choose the products to use in your home and on your body. READ MORE



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